Whipped Up Whimsy
Whipped Up Whimsy
By Ariel Blankinship

There once was a girl from the sea...

Or Northern California (but my name is Ariel so just go with it). This is serious business.

This is my treasure trove of recipes. You'll find most of my recipes are for sweets, but occasionally we'll branch out into the world of savory indulgences. While I try to stay healthy with a balance of exercise and portions, I always make room for dessert. 

I live in San Francisco, California with three awesome and active roommates. I'm an Office Manager by day and self-taught baker and chef by weekend. I've got a penchant for the feminine aesthetic, am Harry Potter obsessed, hooked on Sriracha, and in love with all things luxurious. We're in for a roller-coaster ride of recipes, guys, so get ready. 

From hot pies and gooey brownies, to mile high cakes and velvety ice cream, here's hoping my experiments can help you on your baking quests!

For food and prop styling inquiries please reach out via www.arielblankinship.com